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Chorus and Orchestra

  • Mare Nostrum (1998) - Symphonic Rhapsody for Full Chorus and Orchestra on Verses from the Poem Eptanisa by C. Palamas with Additions by the Composer

  • Greco-Roman Requiem (2002) - This work represents a symbolic attempt by the composer to unite the Church and heal the schism of 1054 through the medium of a solemn choral and orchestral statement, a Mass for the Dead, a Requiem integrating Greek and Latin elements.
          Background and Text (requires Acrobat Reader)

  • Terra Nostra (2002) - Triumphant hymn to the Hellenic spirit and heritage with text from the poem Our Land (1897) by C. Palamas.


Voice and Orchestra

  • The Windmill (1997) - Symphonic Poem for Soprano and Orchestra On the Poem The Windmill by L. Mavilis

  • Was it August? (1996) - Symphonic Poem for Soprano and Orchestra On Verses from the Poem Ithaca by C. Cavafy

  • Elià (1995) - Symphonic Rhapsody for Mezzo Soprano and Orchestra on the Poem Elia (The Olive Tree) by L. Mavilis



  • Aheron (1999) - Symphonic Programmatic Poem for Orchestra On the River by the Same Name in Epirus, Greece, Where, According to Ancient Lore, Men's Souls Crossed Over to the Other Side After Death

  • Sta Pesta (1995) - Symphonic Poem for Orchestra in Celebration of A Festive Day in the Village of Pesta in Epirus, Greece

  • Pantokrator (1994) - Symphonic Scherzo for Orchestra, descriptive of A Panoramic Vista in the Town of Preveza, Greece

  • Intermezzo (1994) - Classic Example of the Genre


Piano and Voice

  • Elià (1980) - Rhapsody for Mezzo Soprano and Piano on the Poem Elià (The Olive Tree) by L. Mavilis

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